Giant Media
  • Question 1 :

    What if my order is lost by your shipping carrier?

    Answer :

    If our shipping carrier loses your order, we will initiate an investigation into the lost package and issue a reprint with priority shipping, which typically takes about 3–4 days.

  • Question 2 :

    How much is the shipping cost?

    Answer :

    Shipping costs are calculated based on the products you order. You can view the exact shipping amount on the cart page.

  • Question 3 :

    Can I change the shipping address?

    Answer :

    You can modify the delivery address while your order is in the packaging process. For assistance with this, please contact our customer support team. However, once the order is packed, changes to the delivery address are not possible.

  • Question 4 :

    Can I update my billing address?

    Answer :

    Once an order is placed, you cannot update the billing address.

  • Question 5 :

    Does Giantmedia ship outside of the United States?

    Answer :

    Yes, for shipping information to locations outside of the United States, please contact us.

  • Question 6 :

    I am a tax exempt customer and/or a reseller. How do I collect a refund for the taxes I paid?

    Answer :

    When placing your first order, if you are tax-exempt, please contact our customer support team with your tax-exempt forms. Once verified, we will refund the tax paid on your first order, and you will be exempt from taxes on subsequent orders.

  • Question 7 :

    Do you ship to APOs (Army Post Office) and FPOs (Fleet Post Office)?

    Answer :

    Unfortunately, we do not ship to APO and FPO addresses.

  • Question 8 :

    How long does it take to receive my order?

    Answer :

    The delivery time depends on the shipping method you select.

  • Question 9 :

    What if my package is returned to the sender?

    Answer :

    If an order is returned to us, we'll make every attempt to contact you to arrange reshipment. If we cannot make contact with the customer, we will be forced to dispose of the order 30 days after receiving it.

  • Question 10 :

    What if my order is not delivered within the guaranteed time frame?

    Answer : displays an estimated delivery date for your product based on the selected shipping method. Please select the appropriate payment option at checkout. We have successfully delivered over 85% of orders by the expected delivery date, barring issues with the shipping company.

  • Question 11 :

    Where are you located?

    Answer :

    Giant Media Corporate Location:
    5446 E Washington Street, Suite 2
    Phoenix, AZ 85034